A As outlined in the brief description of our concept design our car parks are steel framed with either a reinforced concrete or steel concrete composite decks. Frames are made up of hot dip galvanised steel members with bolted connections.

B The floors are “largely ventilated” to reduce to a minimum both the need for fire fighting equipment and inherent fire rating required for the steel members (requirements vary from country to country).

C Special devices permit the installation of single decks without excavated foundations. The slab is composed of independent elements , either precast or cast in-situ, whose main feature is to be demountable and transportable.

D The wearing course on the top floor is waterproof concrete, either brushed or power floated. A polyurethane resin coat in different colors for the aisle and the stalls can be added on request. Staircases are normally provided as a means to access the floors above ground.