Stockport, UK, 2005

We maximize the investment return for the car park operator by controlling not only, as a normal contractor does, the cost per square meter, but also the overall number of car spaces that are generated. The number of output car spaces is therefore a key element to our concept design and to each individual application. The appropriate control of the output number of car spaces and consequent control of cost per car space enable us to offer our clients the desired return on capital without detriment to the structural and architectural soundness of our works.

We maintain low costs because:

  • sheer specialization takes us through mostly repetitive processes (in procurement, fabrication, construction) enabling us to optimize them;
  • we work to our specification, hence we don’t need to price in uncertainty margins;
  • we are a small company and have small overhead costs;
  • most times, we carry out the job from A to Z hence we do not have to charge overheads and margins on the work of subcontractors (exception made for ground works that are usually sublet).

The modular essence of all of our structures enables us to limit the revenue disruption during the assembly operations.
The intrinsic expandability consents for a scalable investment where “just enough” additional parking capacity might be provided at the moment it is required.